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I heard on the news that personal exemptions have changed, is it true?


Yes. Effective June 1st, 2012, the total amount of tax-free purchases has been increased. See the Exemptions link for these amounts.


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Who can buy alcohol in a duty-free shop?


Anyone over the age of 21 who leaves Canada (this is not reserved for Americans). You can also bring back your purchases to Canada after staying more than 48 hours abroad.


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Can I bring back to Canada my purchases of wines or spirits made at the Canadian duty-free shop?


Yes, as long as you stay more than 48 hours in the United States and do not exceed the statutory maximum (1.5 liters for wine or 1.14 liters for spirits per person) and you remain at the legal age.


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How much do I save on a bottle of rum, gin, brandy or vodka?


Compared to the prices offered at the S.A.Q, almost all these products are reduced by 40% to 50%.


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Am I better off to buy only when returning from my trip to U.S.A.?


First of all, you have to know that you cannot buy anything at the Canadian duty free shop when you return from the United States. We have to shop at the American duty free shop and there is much less diversity in the products offered. Generally the weaker the Canadian dollar is, the greater the saving is in our store.


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How do I know if my favorite perfume is available at the Beauce Duty Free Shop?


You will find a complete list of our perfumes in alphabetical order in the Products section. You can also consult our complete lists of wines and spirits and cosmetics (Bioderma, Biotherm, Clarins and Lancôme) and various other products available in store.


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If I look at the Exemptions link, I see that I have an exemption of only 1 liter of alcohol when I enter the United States, can I exceed that exemption? If so, how much should I pay if I want to buy four bottles of wine for the trip?


Yes. US Customs charge federal taxes only, so for four bottles of wine that is 3 liters, considering that you have an exemption on the first liter of alcohol, in theory you should pay taxes on the excess 2 liters to your exemption so about $ 2 USD, but in practice it is very rare that you have to pay anything because if the $ 5 USD threshold.


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I travel early; will the duty-free shop open on my next trip?


It is likely that yes, since during the summer season, the opening of the store is done between 5am and 6am every morning. For more details, see the Hours of Operation link.


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Are Canadian duty-free shops operated by the Canadian government?


No. All Canadian duty-free stores are privately owned and operated by individual contractors.


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How do I know if there is a waiting line at the US border?


First of all, the long waiting lines we have experienced in recent years have almost disappeared in 2009. If you want to know the waiting times, visit our home page or visit the U.S. Customs link And Border Protection.



If you have any questions, WRITE US, it will be a great pleasure to answer.






Beauce Duty Free Shop Inc. is a private company (non-governmental) specialized in the marketing of highly taxed products such as tobacco, alcohol, perfume, cosmetics, etc. Since the majority of sales are made during summer, we have the chance to hire students from the region.



It is also important to know that the Canadian Duty Free Shop is not associated with the US Duty Free Shop and you do not necessarily find the same products and prices. Generally the weaker the Canadian dollar is, the greater the saving is in our store.



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